Online Registration & Event Management Solution

The hub of event management solution is online registration or booking. We streamline your event planning and registration process by eliminating the tedious administration process involved in managing an event.

We can provide you an online registration platform which is flexible, scalable and powerful enough to accommodate your exact requirements. By automating registration and booking process with a content managed website, we help you reduce overhead costs and provide your users with a convenient means of registering online.

Not only does an Online Registration & Event Management Solution help you manage events, track data and gather measurable results, but it can also assist your customers by automatically sending email reminders thus making communication fast and effective, helps to keep you organized and efficient and also help reinforce your  brand. Please take a moment to review what you would get below and see how our online registration and booking solution can help your company manage event registrations online with the touch of a button.

  • Reliable, Registration Processing, 24/7-365
  • Flexible registration forms that can be customised in accordance with an requirements
  • Complete management of event information
  • Captcha Input Requirement Features
  • Automated communication channel with Customers
  • Maximise attendance and registrations
  • Search engine friendly
  • Eliminates administration costs and frees up funds for marketing purposes
  • Comprehensive reporting and measurement analysis
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